Reporting the real news


Not just any crap news, but we bring you the stories other tabloids choose to ignore, it is sometimes very controversial or maybe even shocking, but always funny and it really might make you laugh or fart or even both, but never will it bore you........

For people with alternative humour


The Fools Funnybone is a fake tabloid devised, created and written by Dundee entertainer Zeek Catweazle.

Zeek is a multi-talented musician, entertainer, actor, writer, but is best known for his musical project ZEEKtheFREAK

The Fools Funnybone is free and is only made to make you smile or maybe even laugh out loud. It is not the humour most dig as they are all brainwashed and hate something out of the ordinary, but if you are different and don’t feel the need to fit in, you will love the Fools Funnybone.

If you have any ideas for the Fools Funnybone please feel free to send them to the editor and we will steal them and tell everyone we wrote it LOL

email: mail@thefoolsfunnybone.com